Cerys Knighton


'Dream Big, Think Skies'

Cerys Knighton is a 25-year-old Welsh artist and medical humanities PhD student, whose research project has been funded by the South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership.

Using a pointillism technique with pen and ink, her artwork both examines and communicates the findings from her research.

Cerys analyses patient case notes, medical journals and literary texts to investigate the conceptualisation of mood disorders as a category for diagnosis. Her artwork also draws from her own experiences of living with bipolar disorder since childhood.

Cerys’ artwork studies and toys with anatomy through ink textures, and by contrasting pointillism with softer mediums. She also takes inspiration from wildlife and nature, investigating the way we consider human and animal characteristic in her study of mental wellbeing with a focus on eyes, bones and muscle texture. By using familiar signifiers from the world around us, and exploring the divide between organic and inorganic, Cerys’ work challenges the viewer’s perspective to provoke discussion about social perceptions of mental ill health.

Cerys has also recently started in the role of Research Assistant to the ScienceHumanities Initiative – a cross-disciplinary project across the schools of English, Communication and Philosophy; History, Archaeology and Religions; and the School of Medicine in Cardiff University, with international partners, and funding from the Wellcome Trust.

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